Ann Montgomery's Little Harlem


Ann Montgomery's Little Harlem


The Little Harlem Club/Hotel on Michigan Avenue in Buffalo was owned and operated by Ann Montgomery from the 1930s through early 1960s, during which time Count Basie, Louis Armstrong, Billie Holiday and others performed. While this club coexisted with the Colored Musicians Club and other clubs like it in its time period, Ann Montgomery was the distinguishing factor. Montgomery’s style and business sense and the fact that she was an African-American businesswoman were the rare combination then that made her and the Little Harlem unique.

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Souvenir Program : 14th Anniversary : Ann Montgomery's Little Harlem
Souvenir Program for the 14th Anniversary of the Little Harlem Club. Features a map of the club's location, labeled "the Gayest Spot in Buffalo." Also features: portraits of Ann Montgomery and Harold Tyler, club staff members, and performing artists,…

4th Anniversary : Montgomery's Hotel
Souvenir Program for the 4th Anniversary of Montgomery Hotel and Grill, which, like the Little Harlem Club, was part of the Mongtomery chain of hotels and restaurants. Program features: portraits of manager Leroy Smith and his wife, additional hotel…

Earl Hines
Headshot labeled "Earl Hines and His Orchestra." Corner labeled "Maurice Chicago"

Edward Wilcox, James Crawford, Al Norris, and Mose Allen
Professional shot. Signed "To [...], from Jimmie Lunceford 9/14/34. To my old Pal, From [...]" September 14, 1934. Edward Wilcox [piano]

Advertisement clipping
Advertisement clipping. "Ann Montgomery's Little Harlem, The Cotton Club of Buffalo. 494 Michigan Ave. Presents for your pleasure this excellent 'Black and White' Revue, starring Za Za that torrid dancing sensation in her terrific jungle and…

Seventh Anniversary advertisement clipping
Seventh Anniversary advertisement clipping. Features a photo of Ann Montgomery. "When in Buffalo it's Ann Montgomery's, presenting "Trucking on Down" staged by Jimmy Givens, featuring Givens and Grant

Lena Bell Thomas and Bertha Glover
Lena Bell Thomas (Check Room) and Bertha Glover (Cigarette Girl). Two women, one holding Philip Morris tray, the other a doll. Image has been drawn on. Published separately in the 14th Anniversary Program.

17th Anniversary Show advertisement clipping
17th Anniversary Show advertisement clipping. Toppin' the Town headed and produced by Broomfield and Greeley "The Most Marvelous Dancing Act Ever in Buffalo! A marvelous production with beautiful and gorgeous costumes and a brilliant array of…

Advertisement clipping
Advertisement clipping. "Bewitching" That's what you'll say about our new black and white revue! With that renowned favorite Teddy Hale (known as Ted Lewis, Jr.) and his flashy revue. Clayton and Allen, Skating Team, Prince Mondi, The Clever Mystic,…

Unidentified Man in Hadji Shriner cap
Unidentified Man in Hadji Shriner cap
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