Pan-American Exposition Sheet Music Collection


Pan-American Exposition Sheet Music Collection


The Pan-American Sheet Music collection consists of 25 song titles written for the 1901 Exposition in Buffalo, New York, and one title written for the Buffalo Midsummer Exposition in 1909. It includes popular songs, instrumental piano for band music, a hymn to President McKinley, and an original manuscript.

This sheet music collection is presented as originally created. Several cover images and lyrics contain instances of racism and cultural stereotyping.

Collection Items

Are You a Buffalo?
At head of title: The craze of the century

At the Pan-American Fair in 1901; Two Boys in Blue
Issued with: Two Boys in Blue : dedicated to the 13th Reg't., U.S. Infantry

At the Pan-I-Marry-Can
At head of title: A Matrimonial Opportunity

The Buffalo March
For the Piano, By Thomas Preston Brooke, conductor of the Chicago Marine Band. At head of title: "Dedicated to the Pan-American Exposition."

Buffalo Means Business
Written for the Exposition held in Buffalo in the summer of 1909. At head of title: "Dedicated to the Buffalo Midsummer Exposition".

The Electric Century March and Two Step
"Respectfully dedicated to the Hon. W.I. Buchanan, Director General, Pan American Exposition 1901"

Exposition March and Two Step
Illustration: the official medallion logo of the 1901 Pan-American Exposition

Hurrah! For Buffalo 1901
Souvenir Song. Negative print (white on dark blue).

A Hymn
Illustration: portrait of President William McKinley, drawn by A. J. Dewey
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