Parchment; ; f. 1; 7 lines of text and music, the text copied in a highly fractured gothic book hand, and the music in Hufnagelschrift on 5-line red staves, with a custos at the end of each set of staves, with text and music placed within "tram lines" that border the written area on both vertical sides. The opening initial corresponding to the height of 2 lines of text and their corresponding 2 sets of staves in an initial formed of scrolling green leaves, set on a punched gold ground, and enclosed withing a frame of pieces of "wood" in alternating red and blue sections; growing out of the initial, and running the length of the page in its far left border is an extended scroll of multicolored acanthus leaves and gold dots, the entire spray of leaves is roughly trimmed on the left by the knife of the person who removed this leaf from its binding. In the lower margin, an equivalent spray of acanthus leaves, flowers and gold dots, enclosed within a narrow silver frame. On the verso, a calligraphic initial (equivalent to 1 line of text and its music) in the ink of the text. In upper right area of the recto of the leaf, the foliation in red roman numerals, "ccxi."
Written in Austria during the time at the end of the 15th and the beginning of the 16th century. Although the Buffalo and Erie County Public Library states that the leaf was part of the collection of Louis Charles Elson (1848-1920), there are no round / oval stickers on the leaf that assert Elson's ownership of the leaf, nor is that assertion of provenance in the record by S. De Ricci. Formerly in the Grosvenor Library in Buffalo NY; this library, together with the Erie County Library and the Buffalo Public Library merged in 1953 to form today's Buffalo and Erie County Public Library.
Numbered 211 in top margin. [ccxi]
Illuminated intial and border.
"Written in Italy."--De Ricci
Title from De Ricci.
Bibliography: De Ricci. Census, p. 1212, no. 25
Antiphonal with the very end of the service for the feast of the Decollation of John the Baptist (29 August) and the beginning of the service for the feast of the Nativity of the Virgin (8 September).


[15th to 16th century]

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1 leaf (7 lines) of music ; 55.5 x 36 cm


parchment (animal material)



RBR Mss. C33A64 1400z

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//meus tibi commendo spiritum meum. Ps. Magnificat. In Vigilia nativitatis beatissime virginis Marie In primis vesperis Ad psalmos Antiphona, Adest namque nativitas sacratissime virginis que ex regali progenie genita genuit christum regem dominum ipsa intercedat pro peccatis nostris. Ps., Laud. Per totum annum, Anima mea liquefacta est ut dilectus locutus est, quesivi et non inveni illum, vocavi et non respondit michi, invenerunt me, custodes civitatis percusserunt me et vulne//

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