Little Harlem group performance shot



Little Harlem group performance shot


Group performance picture. Six female dancers, two male. Two couples. Seven piece band. Taken by J. N. Erhart, Commercial Photographer. Gladdess (first dancer from the left). Jean Eldridge, woman in black dress. Eugene Adams, pianist; Wendel Arter, bass (second from right); Jimmie Perkins, drums (first from right). Front Row (left to right): Two dancers, possibly Teddy and Bobby Drinkard. Middle Row: Three dancers; possibly Emory Evans; Jean Eldridge, singer; unknown couple; three dancers. Back Row: Jimmie Perkins and His New Yorkers. Buster Harding?, Marvin Gill, Lee Hilliard, saxophone; Henry Clay, trumpet; Eugene Adams, piano; Wendel Arter, bass; Jimmie Perkins, drums.




Ann Montgomery's Little Harlem


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