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What have we learned (The Story of Love Canal Pt. 5).mp4
During the decades that followed the Love Canal disaster, WIVB-TV reporters have sought to gain a big picture perspective of the disaster that laid the groundwork for the environmental justice movement in the United States.

In this series of…

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These selected reports beginning in 1978 provide insight into how Love Canal homeowners were able to channel their fears and anger into action in terms of personal injury lawsuits against the Hooker Chemical Corporation and pressure applied to their…

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Tom Eagles.mp4
Buffalo born Tom Eagles dropped out of high school and became a Catholic Augustinian monk in 1961. He had been a victim of bullying and found refuge in the monastery according to his son Kevin. The Brothers of Mercy assigned Tom to a church in…

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Buffalo, New York became a one newspaper town on September 19, 1982. It lost The Courier Express, the popular morning and Sunday newspaper that had begun publishing in 1926.

This News 4 television special hosted by the late Bob Koop looks back on…

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Lackawanna 6 GB2.mp4
On April 20, 2004, President George W. Bush came to Buffalo to push for an extension of the Patriot Act, which granted the FBI the right to secretly conduct surveillance activities on American citizens without proving probable cause. This included…

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Lackawanna 6 Case revisited.mp4
On April 24, 2004, Fox journalist Geraldo Rivera originated his “At Large” program from Buffalo City Hall. The purpose was to take a second look at the case against the so-called “Lackawanna Six.” His guests included the prosecutors and some of the…

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1 In 1979 the Buffalo Food Pantry was created to assist residents who couldn’t afford to feed their families. As the project developed, there were still independent efforts to feed the hungry. In 1980, the Bread Giveaway was one such effort. An…

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Crash of 3407.mp4
On Thursday, February 12, 2009 at 10:17 pm, Colgan Air Flight 3407 crashed into a house in Clarence Center, a suburb of Buffalo, New York. All forty-nine passengers and crew members were killed. One man in the house also lost his life.


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Lackawanna 6 Case.mp4
In September 2002, six Yemeni-American friends from Lackawanna, New York, eight miles outside of Buffalo, were arrested and charged with giving material support to the terrorist organization al-Qaeda. It was the one year anniversary of the 9/11…

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Serious incidents of school bullying were receiving national attention in 2011. President Barrack Obama held a White House conference on preventing bullying after high profile cases of teenage suicides struck a national nerve.

In Western New…

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