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French actress Sarah Bernhardt, “The World’s Greatest Artiste” performed the Death of Cleopatra and other tragic scenes.The original owner of this program was very moved by Bernhardt's performance and noted “She’s wonderful—But she tears one to…

Laura Justine "Jessie" Bonstelle was an actress, theater director, and drama company manager. She managed stock companies at the Star Theater in Buffalo, and later founded her own theater in Detroit.

Established in 1898, the Chromatic Club of Buffalo still exists today, and is our oldest active music organization. This event in 1903 was attended by Mary Seaton Kleinhans, an accomplished pianist and vocalist, and wife of the owner of Kleinhan's…

The Buffalo Symphony Orchestra of the 1920s (not to be confused with other early Buffalo orchestras with similar names) was led by Arnold Cornelissen. A young Harold Arlen, who grew up in Buffalo, took piano lessons from Maestro Cornelissen.Louise…

Buffalo drama critic Marian de Forest wrote the first stage play of the novel Little Women. She and Jessie Bonstelle, an actress and theatre manager, received permission from Louisa May Alcott's family to write and stage the story. This production…

Maude Adams was one of the most popular and successful actresses of early 20th century theater. She starred in plays by J.M. Barrie, including Peter Pan and The Little Minister.

Buffalo's Star Theatre (W. Genesee and Pearl Streets) was a vibrant…

The Guido Chorus was a male choral group of business and professional men, founded by Seth Clark in 1904 and active to 1965. The group was one of many popular singing societies in Buffalo's music history.

Rachmaninoff was a famous Russian composer, pianist, and conductor who performed in Buffalo many times.  Bellanca, Michael, and Kraft were some of the first female impresarios in Buffalo.

Ignacy Jan Paderewski was a Polish pianist and composer, politician, statesman and spokesman for Polish independence. He was a favorite of concert audiences around the world. Mai Davis Smith engaged him to play in Buffalo for her subscription concert…

One of several visits to Buffalo by famed conductor Damrosch and the New York Symphony Orchestra. The concert was arranged locally by Mai Davis Smith, the first professional impresario in Buffalo.
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