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Date received, name, age, names of parents, nativity (place of birth/ethnicity), how discharged & to whom. Each October 1st, the children currently residing in the Alms House were listed as “carried forward” into the new record keeping year. Parents’…

Includes children and adults. Name, age, place of nativity, town/county pauper or vagrant, date of commitment, by whom committed (can be a city sexton, justice of the peace, or doctor), town sent from, date committed, and date discharged. Discharge…

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Includes name, date of commitment, date of discharge, who took them out and where they were taken. In chronological order, includes alphabetical index.

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Includes name, age, nativity, gender, date of commitment and by whom, cause of commitment, death, date of discharge, and number of days in the institution. Identifies individual as pauper, vagrant, insane, idiot, and orphan. In chronological order,…
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