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A 5-part series hosted by Rich Newberg that traces the lives of European immigrants who passed through Ellis Island in the early 1900s, settling in Buffalo. Common themes of sacrifice and love of country are reflected by local family members of…

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Gang members on Buffalo's Lower West Side were getting recruited at younger ages as gang violence was on the increase. WIVB-TV reporter Rich Newberg and photographer Mike Mombrea Jr. spent a week on the streets of these neighborhoods. Their findings…

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Five part series featuring memories from some of Buffalo's vaudeville and nightclub entertainers of the 1940's and 1950's, including Tony Ode, former master of ceremonies at McVan's nightclub, and Lenny Paige, former MC at the Town Casino. Second…

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Live reports from St. Peter's Square during the funeral of Pope John Paul II, who died on April 2, 2005. WIVB-TV Senior Correspondent Rich Newberg and Chief Photographer Mike Mombrea Jr. find Western New York pilgrims among the millions of mourners…

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When crime fighters who wore red berets appeared on the mean streets of Buffalo in the early 1980s, people wanted to know more about the young crime fighters calling themselves the Guardian Angels. Their leaders, Curtis and Lisa Sliwa, invited…

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Buffalo civil rights leaders reflect on Dr. Martin Luther King's dream vs. reality. Revisits the urban riots of the turbulent 1960s. The series raises the question: Are Buffalo's African American citizens better off now than they were during those…

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Mission to Panama.mp4
In 1992 crews from the 914 Tactical Airlift Group out of Niagara Falls Air Reserve Station were deployed to Panama for a multipurpose mission. The C-130 cargo crews took Part in a drug interdiction operation, as well as providing aid to an orphanage…

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