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Report concerning the 1854 cholera epidemic in the city of Buffalo.

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Following Easter Sunday in 1992, the pro-life group Operation Rescue staged its “Spring of Life” demonstrations in front of several Western New York abortion clinics. Anti-abortion activists had been invited by Buffalo mayor Jimmy Griffin to stage…

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Autobiography and memoir of Eber Dudley Howe, newspaper publisher and critic of the Latter Day Saint movement. Born in 1798 in Clifton Park, New York, Howe was a member of the U.S. Army in Batavia during the War of 1812. He would go on to work at the…

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“Love is Stronger than Pain” is the title of Michael O’Brien’s book memorializing the legacy of his mother, Irene Corcoran O’Brien. She lived a life of daily sacrifice, tending to the critical needs of two of her children stricken with a rare,…

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“Girls didn't go by the waterfront.” Most women and girls who lived in Buffalo's First Ward -- the waterfront community at the heart of Buffalo's once-pulsating grain industry -- never went close to the waterfront or worked among the grain…

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“It's like walking next to a jet, that's how loud they are.... That thing was just whistling and screaming.” Don Dodd got his start at General Mills in 1969 and worked there for decades, taking on all sorts of roles. For a time, he was a gunner -…

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Serious incidents of school bullying were receiving national attention in 2011. President Barrack Obama held a White House conference on preventing bullying after high profile cases of teenage suicides struck a national nerve.

In Western New…

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