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School 51 was built in 1894. Located at 101 Hertel Avenue near Guernsey Street, an addition in 1927 doubled the school's size. The school closed in 2005 and is vacant as of 2018.

The original school was built in 1890 at 329 Fargo Avenue. It was replaced by another structure on Vermont Street in 1960.

The Fargo Avenue building no longer exists.

School 47 was constructed in 1889 at 469 Hickory Street. It closed in 1976, and no longer exists.

Built in 1888, this structure is still in use (as of 2018).  Located at 389 Virginia Street near Elmwood Avenue and Edward Street, it was designed by H. H. (Henry Harrison) Little, a prominent Buffalo architect. The building became a Veterans High…

School 45 opened at 402 Auburn Avenue in 1889. The school was demolished in 1971 when a much larger replacement was constructed.

In 1895, this three-story brick school was built at the corner of 1369 Broadway and Person Street. An additional structure was built nearby in 1907, and both were replaced in 1930.

The first picture is the "new building" constructed in 1901 at 161 Benzinger Street near Lovejoy. The school was designed by Esenwein & Johnson. An addition was built in 1925.As of 2018, the building is still used as School 43.

This is the first School 42, built in 1883 at 2 Clay Street near Military Road. A new school building replaced it 1915 on nearby Germain Street. Although "condemned" is noted on the photograph, this Clay Street/Military Road building later housed St.…

This is the first School 41, built in 1869 at Broadway and Spring Street. It was replaced in 1907 by a building on nearby Jefferson Avenue. The original building has since been demolished.

School 39 was built in 1886 to reduce overcrowding at School 24.  This building at 487 High Street was designed by architect Robert A. Bethune (husband of Louise Bethune). Additions enlarged the structure in 1897 and 1926.A new school was constructed…
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