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  • Collection: Buffalo Public School Buildings, 1908

In 1908, School 18 consisted of three structures at 770 West Avenue and School Street: The first photograph shows the 3-story "New building," constructed in 1898. The "Old building" pictured next, is a 2-story building from 1874. The last photo is…

This School 20 replaced previous buildings at East and Amherst Streets in 1877.  A horticulture program began here in 1907, and the school became Black Rock Vocational in 1910. The school later moved to Elmwood Avenue and was renamed McKinley High…

This building replaced the two-room schoolhouse located at 1000 Hertel Avenue. When it was constructed in 1901, the school was across the street from the grounds of the Pan American Exposition.School 21 served the community until 1980, and the…

This school was constructed in 1906 at 90 Huntington Avenue. It later became an annex to School 54, and closed in 1980 during desegregation. The building has since been converted to private apartments.

The first building pictured was the 1888 "Old Buildilng" designed by the architectural firm of Cyrus K. Porter & Son. It was located at 1082 Fillmore Avenue near Genesee. The school closed in 1955, and was replaced by senior housing.The "New…

This school was constructed in 1873 at 256 Lewis Street, replacing the previous wood schoolhouse 25 on Batavia Street. This building closed in 1949, and no longer exists.

Built in 1888 at 101 Milton Street, this school was designed by Louise Bethune's architectural firm, Bethune & Bethune. It was described by Buffalo Express newspaper in 1889 as having 121 rooms, Queenstown-stone trimmings, and “finished in…

The first photograph is of the small schoolhouse 27 built in 1864 on Cazenovia Street. The next two images show the replacement building built at 41 Mineral Springs Road near Seneca in 1896. This structure housed School 27 until 1963.Neither early…

This school was built in 1888 and designed by architect Charles Swan.  Located at 1515 South Park (formerly Abbott Road and Triangle), this school was also known as Triangle Academy. This building was demolished in 1963 to make way for a new School…

Built in 1906, this building replaced the original school at 2219 South Park Avenue. It closed in 1980 during desegregation and later became a Buffalo Police Station.The building has recently housed charter schools, and still exists (as of 2018).
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