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  • Collection: Buffalo Public School Buildings, 1908

Built in the 1880s, this school was located at 2060 Bailey Ave. It was not the first building to house School 9; the original Vine Street location was used as the School for the Colored beginning in 1839. The Bailey Ave building closed in 1980 during…

School 8 moved into this building at Masten Avenue and East Utica Street in 1884 after the previous location at Franklin and Church became a more commercial district.  It was designed by the architect Robert A. Bethune (husband of Louise Bethune).…

The first image shows the school located at 649 Bailey Avenue near Clinton Street. Built in 1891, it operated as School 7 until 1922 and was an annex to various other schools until 1950.

The "Old Building" in the second photo was built in 1845…

School 62 was built in 1906, the newest building included in the survey. Located at 396 Urban Street, it closed in 1980 as part of the desegregation plan. The building still exists, as of 2018.

Built in 1904, this school is located at 453 Leroy Street near Grider. A large addition was added in 1915.

As of 2018, it is still in use as Public School 61, the Arthur O. Eve School of Distinction.

Opened in 1897 at 238 Ontario Street, this school became Riverside Academy in 1976 during desegregation. In 2002, the school closed.  In 2014, it was renovated as an affordable housing complex. The building was also listed on the National Register of…

Located at 248 South Division Street, this 1868 building was used as a primary grade school until 1954. The school has since been demolished.

This three story brick Renaissance Revival Style school was built in 1897 at 761 Glenwood Avenue. It closed in 1976 during desegregation and has since been demolished.

This is the first School 58, built in 1897 at 316 Rother Street. A new building was built nearby in 1914.

The "Old Building" on Rother closed in 1950 and has since been torn down.

Located at 231 Sears Street, this school was built in 1897. A separate addition was constructed in 1914.

The original building was closed and demolished in 1942.
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