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Leaf from an office book (that would later be termed breviary) containing chants and lessons for matins of the feast of the Trinity (celebrated on the Sunday after Pentecost); six lessons (readings) are present here; with musical notation. The cues…

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Paper; f. 1 but torn in half (?); 4 lines of text printed in Roman font, and 4 staves of 4 lines each, with square notation. Major initials (P and F) printed in red, as are the rubrics. In the lower margin of the verso, "Pars Aestiva" (so the text…

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Paper; f. 1, although cut ca. in half (?); the fragments now hold 5 lines of text, in a script imitative of Roman font, and the same number of 5-line staves for music in square notation. Rubrics in red.

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Parchment; f. 1, cut down so that barely two lines of text and musical staves survive on each side. The text is produced by stencil, with the originally open spaces of lines around enclosed spaces filled in by hand (for example, to fully enclose the…

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Parchment; f. 1, cut down at both top and bottom; now with 16 long lines in an early gothic script (double pp is fused; round s at the ends of words, but round r occurs only once) with staffless Germanic neumes inscribed between the lines of text. …

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Office book or breviary, containing the office at matins for the feast of Sts. Philip and James (3 May). Parchment; f. 1; 15 long lines ruled in drypoint. Copied in a caroline minuscule script in two sizes; the larger script is used for lessons, and…

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Interview OneManny Fried turns 80 and reflects on his life and the struggles he endured after being blacklisted from 1956 to 1972 for his political beliefs. He says that growing up as one of nine children, “We were taught to be honest and stick up…

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When Manny Fried was blacklisted during the McCarthy era in the 1950s, he says the union rank and file he represented as an organizer stood by him. He said he never lost hope in the American people because of that support. He was being investigated…

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Birth records from the City of Buffalo, primarily covering the mid to late 19th and early 20th century.

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