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Parchment; ff. 2, not consecutive nor attached to one another; with a very deep lower border (as if in anticipation of an eventual need to add notes to the page?); 9 lines of text, each preceded by its row of staves; pricking along both the outer and…

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Leaves conjugate but not consecutive; 1st leaf (5 lines) with musical notation; 2nd leaf (15 lines) with text only.

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Miniature of the Annunciation; decorative border.

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Serious incidents of school bullying were receiving national attention in 2011. President Barrack Obama held a White House conference on preventing bullying after high profile cases of teenage suicides struck a national nerve.

In Western New…

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Parchment; ; f. 1; 7 lines of text and music, the text copied in a highly fractured gothic book hand, and the music in Hufnagelschrift on 5-line red staves, with a custos at the end of each set of staves, with text and music placed within "tram…

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Parchment; ; f. 1; 5 lines of text and music, with the text copied in a formal gothic hand and the music in black square notation on 4-line red staves. Initial S of the height of one line of text and one of music, in dusty rose, infilled with…

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Parchment; ; ff. 3 of which the first is a single leaf, and the second two are the innermost bifolium of a quire with consecutive text. Written in a light brown ink by a very unexpert (or very hurried) hand in a compressed gothic book hand in a…

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Parchment; the lower portion of one leaf, including a very large empty bottom margin. 3 lines of text and 2 lines of superscript red 4-line staves (the topmost set of staves is cut away); written in a formal gothic book hand; music in square…

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The letter D illuminated with colors and gilt, within a frame; excised from large format choirbook.

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Parchment, one bifolium containing the first and the last leaf of, presumably, the first quire of the book (although there may have been a quire with chapter headings that preceded this opening of the text); in the center of the lower margin of the…

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