Rich Newberg Reports Collection


Rich Newberg Reports Collection


This collection of long-form reports by retired WIVB-TV Senior Correspondent Rich Newberg covers a wide range of social issues, Buffalo history and the arts. Mr. Newberg retired from the Buffalo CBS network affiliate at the end of 2015, after serving the station for thirty-seven years in various roles including main anchor, reporter and documentarian.

His New York Emmy Award winning pieces explore the abortion debate, care of the mentally ill, the African American struggle for civil rights, and the lessons of the Holocaust, among many topics. His video memoir, “One Reporter’s Journey, “ reflects on his forty-six year career, beginning as an advocate for those without a voice.

"My hope," says Newberg, “is that this collection will provide a lasting chronicle of life and issues in Buffalo during the latter part of the 20th century and into the new millennium."

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One Reporter's Journey
Emmy Award winning broadcast journalist Rich Newberg revisits his forty-six year quest to better understand the human condition. Beginning with his earliest days as "The Troubleshooter," when he brought the camera and microphone to those in society…

The Morning After: The Demise of the Courier Express
Buffalo, New York became a one newspaper town on September 19, 1982. It lost The Courier Express, the popular morning and Sunday newspaper that had begun publishing in 1926.

This News 4 television special hosted by the late Bob Koop looks back on…

The Buffalo Story: History Happens Here
“The Buffalo Story: History Happens Here” aired on June 7, 2021 as a local primetime special on WIVB-TV. The documentary features major events covered by the station’s news department and illustrates the contributions of Buffalo’s broadcast…

The Buffalo Firefighters Story: A<br /><br />
Testament to Courage, Commitment and Compassion
The Rescue and Awakening of Don Herbert
A month after Buffalo firefighter Don Herbert was rescued from an attic of a burning house, WIVB-TV senior correspondent Rich Newberg and photographer Tom Vetter reported on the dedication and…

Survivors of the Holocaust
It took decades for Holocaust survivors to break their silence following the end of WWII. In the 1980's, a small but tight-knit survivor community in Buffalo, New York, began reaching out to the public, bearing witness to what they had personally…

Lost Childhood : the Story of the Birkenau Boys
A group of Holocaust survivors -- some of the 89 Jewish boys spared by Dr. Joseph Mengele to serve as slave laborers in the Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp -- return to Europe fifty years later. They recount their experiences in the camp, their…

A Life in the Balance : Struggles of the Mentally Ill
In the wake of some tragic incidents involving psychiatric outpatients, WIVB-TV Senior Correspondent Rich Newberg and photographer Tom Vetter examine the struggles of the mentally ill in a flawed mental health system. "A Life In the Balance" weighs…

Cradle of Hope
Cradle of hope features the progress of twelve developmentally disabled men who belong to Carpenter's Hand. They help build baby cradles and then personally deliver them to needy mothers in the greater Buffalo area. This television special touches on…

Victims of Addiction
In an effort to better understand the nature of addiction, WIVB-TV reporter Rich Newberg presents a series of reports featuring addicts speaking intimately about their drug habits and how their lives are controlled by substance abuse.  Out of…

The Hungry and the Homeless of Buffalo
1 In 1979 the Buffalo Food Pantry was created to assist residents who couldn’t afford to feed their families. As the project developed, there were still independent efforts to feed the hungry. In 1980, the Bread Giveaway was one such effort. An…
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