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Volume consists of newspaper clippings from newspapers in the Buffalo, New York area as well as papers throughout the country. The clippings are dated along with the source.

On March 25, 1988 Western New York real estate agent Gayle Wolfer was showing a house in Sardinia, southeast of Buffalo, when a man posing as a prospective buyer shot her in the face, chest and neck. He had been tipped-off that there was alleged drug…

The late three term New York governor Mario Cuomo (June 15, 1932 - January 1, 2015) had a soft spot in his heart for Buffalo, according to former Queen City Mayor Anthony Masiello.

In 2015, following Cuomo’s death at age 82, WIVB-TV Senior…

U.S. District Court Judge John Thomas Curtin (August 24, 1921 - April 14, 2017) was interviewed by WIVB-TV Senior Correspondent Rich Newberg on April 18, 1995. The subject was affirmative action.   Judge Curtin issued rulings establishing minority…

In an effort to better understand the nature of addiction, WIVB-TV reporter Rich Newberg presents a series of reports featuring addicts speaking intimately about their drug habits and how their lives are controlled by substance abuse.  Out of…
Transcribed by Buffalo Public librarian William Ives (1817-1916), The Why of This Book compiles records of marriages and deaths which occurred in Buffalo and surrounding communities from 1811-1833, as transcribed from newspaper notices.
Log book of the Sketch Club, a group of …. That met at …. To discuss …. . Part of the J. J. Lankes collection, 1905-1962, which contains a wide variety of items relating to the life and career of Julius J. Lankes, wood-engraver and painter.

"The voice of Elma."
"The voice of Elma."
"The voice of Elma."
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