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LHC Report.pdf
Report researched and presented by 2013 Riverrun Foundation intern Alison Fraser.

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Souvenir Program for the 14th Anniversary of the Little Harlem Club. Features a map of the club's location, labeled "the Gayest Spot in Buffalo." Also features: portraits of Ann Montgomery and Harold Tyler, club staff members, and performing artists,…

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Professional performance shot. Seven female dancers (one nude, coming out of a box), one male dancer holding a bulldog. Seven piece band. Front Row: Abdeen Ali, Ravida [possibly]. Middle Row: Six Little Harlem Club dancers; Gladdess (first dancer…

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Group performance picture. Marriage scene? Thirteen dancers (four men, nine women).

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Group performance picture. Eight female dancers. Twelve piece band. Two couples in center, and one couple shaking hands (Ann Montgomery?) Lil Armstrong in the top hat, holding a conductor's baton. Stuff Smith's former band. Date must be 1935, just…

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Group performance picture. Six female performers, one male. Taken by J. N. Erhart, Commercial Photographer. Backdrop is painted like downtown Buffalo with Mayfair Hotel and advertisements for Eddie's Auto Service, Century Cab, Burns Bros. Suits 449…

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Group performance picture. Six female dancers, two male. Two couples. Seven piece band. Taken by J. N. Erhart, Commercial Photographer. Gladdess (first dancer from the left). Jean Eldridge, woman in black dress. Eugene Adams, pianist; Wendel Arter,…

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