World War Through the Stereoscope


World War Through the Stereoscope


Stereoscopic slides from the Library’s Rare Book Room collection depict World War I scenes with descriptions, including images of trenches and battlefields, armaments, soldiers and dignitaries.

A Stereoscope is a device by which two photographs of the same object are taken at slightly different angles and then are viewed together, creating a three dimensional (3D) impression of depth and solidity.
Contents: The American Cemetery at Bellau Wood (19250) -- Dirigible R-34 at Mineola (V19216)  Observation balloon fatally pierced by incendiary bullets from American plane (V18923) -- 2Enemy airmen successfully bombed one of our supply trains3 official report (V18927) -- A haul of 1900 German prisoners, France (V18878) -- Proud men of the North who fought on Flanders Fields (V18874) -- German dead in the La Basse area (V18858)  Human wreckage in No Mans Land, Chemin Des Dames, France (V18837) -- The horror of war, ghastly glimpse of the wounded (V18817) -- Zepplin flying over a German town (18000) -- Military heroes of World War at Kansas City (13365)  Sarajevo, Jugo-slavia, scene of murder of Crown Prince (15625) -- British cruiser 2Indomitable, 3 which sunk the German 2Blucher3 (16259) -- Submarines, battleships and torpedo boats in San Diego Bay (16667) -- Trenches of the Allies on the Coast of Flanders (18009) -- Inspecting a pontoon bridge in the French section nearing completion (18079) -- Building barbed wire entanglements, training camp, Fort Sheridan, Ill. (18360) -- French Field Hospital, locating bullet with x-ray machine (18608)  Searching the ruins 2somewhere in France3 (18629) -- French troops inspecting a wrecked zeppelin (18632) -- French soldiers resting in the trenches (18633) -- A French 155-mm. gun trained on the German trenches (18651) -- Renault tanks going to the front (18676) -- French troops resting after a combat with 2Fritz3 (18678) -- A bristling forest of bayonets, Russian troops on review (18689) -- Italian trenches on the Austro-Italian front (18711) -- View of the famous bridge over Marne (18715) -- Sons of France on parade in Paris (18742) -- French cavalry horses swimming river (18744) -- French colonial cavalry (18743) -- Demolished machine gun cupola (18749) -- Bringing in wounded from French front (18754) -- A French 2753 in action (18756) -- The world renowned Cathedral of Reims, France, ruined by the Germans (18765) -- Cardinal Mercier at Dinant (18768) -- Wall in Dinant where loyal Belgians were shot (18769) --Wrecked submarine at Zee-Brugge (18771) -- Arch of Triumph on Victory Day (18775) -- Plenary session of Peace Conference (18778) -- Galerie des Glaces, Versailles (18780) -- Leaving Palace of Versailles (18781) -- West Beach, Gallipolli, scene of British landing (V18813) -- Tangled ruins of Marne Bridge blown up by Germans and Red Cross train wreck (V18825) -- President Poincare and Marshall Joffre on the Somme Front (V18826) -- Making bread for British troops, France (V18828) -- Desolate waste on Chemin des Dames battlefield, France (V18834) -- Camouflaged trenches in Chemin des Dames sector (V18835) -- No Mans Land near Lens, France (V18840) -- Joffre and Pershing in Governors Gardens, Paris (V18848) -- Dog reporting to First Aid Squad with helmet of wounded soldier (V18856) -- Scots entrenched and cheerily awaiting a counter-attack (V18862) -- Enormous French field guns on the Oise, France (V18863) -- 2Down in a shell crater we fought, 3 Battle of Cambrai (V18865) -- French reserves watching their comrades going into 2the valley of the shadow3 (V18867) -- French trenches, North Compiegne, France (V18879) -- Sea of barbed wire in front of Bulgarian lines, Saloniki (V18880) -- German supplies deserted on their hurried departure from Soupier, France (V18894) -- Destroyed German ammunition camp, Alincourt (V18897) -- Shells bursting in ruined French village (V18898) -- A camouflaged British anti-aircraft gun in action on Balkan front (V18903) -- Dead Germans amidst wire entanglements (V18906) -- Feeding 2Grannie, 3 shell hoisted into position (V18911) -- A derelict cannon near Cambrai (V18918) -- Desolated Berry-Au-Bac after four years of fighting, France (V18936) -- Unharmed crucifix amid total ruins, Lucy-le-Bocage, France (V18943) -- In Belleau Wood where Americans gave Germany her fatal check (V18948) -- President Wilson addressing Congress (19000) -- Submarines in dry dock in government Navy yard (19004) -- One load for a 12-inch gun (19053) -- Callisthenics in the Army (19063) -- 2Parade rest, 3 Naval Training Station (19074) -- Sunshine keeps our boy healthy, daily sunning of equipment (19096) -- Fighters who broke the Hindenburg line parading down Fifth Avenue (19138) -- Deck of the United States Battleship Pennsylvania (19147) -- Huge armored tank making its way through a smoke screen (19149) -- Happy reunion for soldier fathers (19153) -- U.S. observation airplane on West front (19191) -- Thousands marching, our National Army (19192) -- Thousands of Uncle Sams sailors (19193) -- Learning to use gas masks (19198) -- Yankee troops in London (19209) -- U.S. soldiers ready for the 2abandon ship3 drill (V19217) -- Bayonet class practicing the short point stab (V19219) -- Grave of the Lieut. Quentin Roosevelt (V19225) -- Nursing wounded heroes back to health, Convalescent Hospital No. 5, New York (V19227) -- On the Moselle, 89th Division Doughboys resting before review, Treves (V19229) -- Gen. Pershing decorating officers of 89th Div., Treves (V19230) -- U.S. Army ascending Rhine Bank near Coblenz (V19234) -- U.S. transport Leviathan largest ship afloat (V19237) -- The place des Halles, St. Mihiel (19248) -- The stars and stripes flying over Ehrenbreitstein on the Rhine (19249) -- Some of our two million fighters ready for home, Brest (V19266) -- French 320s defending Reims (V19267) -- Captured German machine guns on the road from Villers-cot-Terets to Soissons (V19268) -- Americas Unknown Soldier comes home to his native soil (23306) -- Conferences delegates in sessions, Continental Hall, Washington, D.C. (23314).




World War through the stereoscope


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