Curtiss Aeroplane Company Photographs

#1 Exp. Assembly Dept..jpg
#2 Strut Dept..jpg
#3 Shipping Dept..jpg
#4 Fuselage Assembly.jpg
#5 Covering-Upholstery Dept..jpg
Assembly Department, motors being put into machines [10].jpg
Final Assembly [12].jpg
Final Assembly, Flying boats in background - N.J. training machines in foreground [11].jpg
Final Assembly, right [13].jpg
Flying Boat Assembly [9].jpg
Making Pistons for Motors [1].jpg
Motor Assembly [6].jpg
Motor Assembly in left foreground [5].jpg
Motor Inspection Department [3].jpg
Motor Parts factory [4].jpg
Packing and Shipping Department [14].jpg
Testing a Motor [7].jpg
Wing Doping and painting room [8].jpg


Curtiss Aeroplane Company Photographs


Curtiss Aeroplane and Motor Company (later Curtiss-Wright Corporation) was based in Hammondsport and Bath, NY until the rise in military orders required the expansion of manufacturing operations into the city of Buffalo, along with its headquarters. By the start of World War I, the company was the preeminent manufacturer of airplanes in the United States, with three factories in Buffalo and 18,000 employees.


Curtiss Aeroplane & Motor Company


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