Office book or breviary, containing the office at matins for the feast of Sts. Philip and James (3 May). Parchment; f. 1; 15 long lines ruled in drypoint. Copied in a caroline minuscule script in two sizes; the larger script is used for lessons, and the smaller size is used for chant texts (responsories with their versicles). Somewhat later, staffless Germanic neumes (some in red ink that is now faded, but most in brown) were added in the interlinear space under the chant texts.Thanks to Prof. Susan Boynton (Columbia University, Dept. of Music) for her description of the musical notation.
Written in Germany, during the 10th century; it survived to modern times as the pastedown in a bound volume: the dark areas on the recto of the leaf (shaped as a backwards letter c) show where the glued was adhered. Belonged to Louis Charles Elson (1848-1920) who was a professor of music theory and history at the New England Conservatory of Music from age 34 onwards; he had begun studying music with his mother, then went on to study in Leipzig; he composed songs, operetta and works for the piano, but mainly he studied and wrote on the history of music; he published in a number of Boston newspapers, and was the editor-in-chief of Modern Music and Musicians (1912; 20 vols.) and of the University Musical Encyclopedia (1912-14; 10 vols.), among the ca. 50 items that he published over the course of his life. The collection of medieval fragments of music that had belonged to Louis Charles Elson was acquired in 1924 by the Grovesnor Library in Buffalo NY; this library, together with the Erie County Library and the Buffalo Public Library merged in 1953 to form today's Buffalo and Erie County Public Library. This leaf was n. 1 in the Elson collection.
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Latin text.
Formerly classified as RBR MSS. C33L4 900Z


[10th century]

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1 score (1 leaf) ; 28 x 20 cm


parchment (animal material)



RBR Mss. C33B74 900z


//et precepta mea sevaverit morietur in eternum.  Nam cogitandum sumopere est quid faciamus cum

ad iudicium properamus cum ante tribunale summi iudicis venerimus.  Tristitia vestra alleluia convertetur in gaudium alleluia alleluia.  Versiculus, Mundus autem gaudebit, vos autem contristabimini sed tristicia vestra convertetur.  Proinde dum in isto corpore sumus eligamus . . . Caveamus eos qui in itinere insidiantur nobis et hoc adversus nos agunt, ne in patria nostra id est in paradysum revertamur.  Ter<ra autem>//

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