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Personal diaries and journals provide a unique glimpse into the private lives of their authors. Diaries and journals often contain passages describing eyewitness accounts of historical events, such as battles and political gatherings. Accounts of day-to-day activities, travel experiences, and internal emotional and mental developments provide modern readers with an opportunity to better understand historical living conditions and societies.

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My diary of 1907 : with events and happenings fully chronicled
Benjamin Eichberg (1887-1980) was twenty-years-old in 1907, the year he filled a composition notebook with his diary entries from January to June. He lived with his mother in the Fruit Belt at 350 Carlton in Buffalo and he worked as a typesetter for…

1931 diary of Ada L. F. Barnes.
Handwritten diary kept in 1931 by Ada L. F. Barnes of 224 Main Street, Hamburg, NY. Ada was married to Dr. Francis G. Barnes, and possibly assisted him with his medical practice. Single diary entries per page detail: professional, civic, and personal…

1911 diary of Francis G. Barnes, M.D.
Handwritten diary kept in 1911 by Francis G. Barnes, M.D. of Hamburg, NY. Brief daily entries detail: personal and professional meetings, medical practice notes, medical practice notes, and financial matters.

1937 diary of Alice Mae Smith
Handwritten diary kept in 1937 by Alice Mae Smith of Buffalo, NY. Brief daily entries detail family and social activities. Several entries also follow reports of local crimes relating to the murder of one woman, Mary Ellen Babcock, and the stabbing…

Peyton Randolph Campbell Diary
Sgt. Peyton Randolph Campbell, Company D, 306th Machine Gun Battalion served overseas from April 1918 until his death on September 4, 1918. A talented, young advertising executive for Pratt & Lambert, Campbell’s descriptive strengths are evident in…

Edward J. Schranz Overseas Diary : (May 18) 1919 - (May 29) 1919
Corporal Edward J. Schranz, Company H, 311th Infantry served overseas from May 1918 to May 1919 and kept this diary the entire time. Beyond the daily entries are names and addresses of people with whom he served because he likely wanted to be able to…

Civil War diary, 1863 Jan. 1-Sept. 20.
Details of duties, weather, and travels between Buffalo, Washington, D.C., and Aquia Creek, Va. Bulk of diary was written while at Aquia Creek. Entry for 5 Apr. 1863 recalls Abraham Lincoln, Mrs. Lincoln, and their son arriving by boat at Aquia Creek…

A journal : in part describing the battles of Lexington and Concord and Bunker Hill
This journal, "kept by Lieutenant Williams of His Majesty's Twenty-third Regiment, 1774-1775," includes details of the battles and lists of casualties for the Revolutionary War. This journal also includes a description of the use of signal lights…
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