The People's Pope : Life and Times of Pope John Paul II


The People's Pope : Life and Times of Pope John Paul II


Documentary on Pope John Paul II's historic 1999 visit to his homeland, Poland. It includes biographical video about the pope's life, his influence on the Catholic Church, and the impact of his papacy on the people of Poland and the many Polish-Americans in Western New York. A special segment focuses on the Pope's relationship with Ann Odre, the Buffalo woman who took a bullet along with John Paul II during a 1981 assassination attempt. Host Rich Newberg also interviews the former president of Poland, Lech Walesa, who he had met fourteen years earlier, during Solidarity's struggle to be free of communism in Poland. Two Buffalo physicians, Dr. Jeffrey Meilman and Dr. Amar Atwal, are also featured, donating their services on their mission of mercy in Poland.
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