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Report describing housing operated by the Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority, including demographics of residents.

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An accounting of the activities of the Buffalo Municipal Housing Authority since its inception in 1934.

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Annual report produced by the Board of Police for 1898. Includes narrative reports of the Police Superintendent, Police Surgeon, Patrol Boat, Bureau of Identification, Electrical Department, and Police Matrons. Includes precinct and staffing…

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"My father said, ‘Here’s a bottle of whiskey. Go tell that guy I need about a three-second spill.'" With a dad nicknamed Fearless Freddie who worked in and around the grain elevators throughout his life, Joel and Bruce Carter were indoctrinated into…

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“When we were kids we’d go to Concrete Central – just fields over there, old railroad tracks. And we'd hang out." Some of Buffalo’s grain elevators had already shuttered by the time Pat Needham was a kid, but he worked hauling and scooping grain for…

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“They are so out of scale to anything that you see in your life that they are like a distant landscape right in front of you all the time.” More than a grain elevator enthusiast, Lynda Schneekloth is a scholar of these giant concrete and steel…

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"The scoopers were at the whim of everybody." A railroad man at age 17 who would soon become the “boss” of a grain scooping “gang” in 1962, Jack Driscol toiled on Buffalo’s waterfront his whole working life. Jack shared memories of scooping grain…

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Former Buffalo grain scoopers pictured from left: Sam Kolodziej, Jack Driscol, Pat Needham, photo taken at Waterfront Memories and More Museum, 41 Hamburg St, Buffalo, NY, photo by Kate Kaye, December 2019

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Former Buffalo grain scoopers (clockwise from left: Fred Brill, Pat Needham, Sam Kolodziej, unnamed friend, Jack Driscol, Bob Roberts) at the Apollo Family Restaurant, 3387 South Park Avenue, Buffalo, NY, where the old pals gathered weekly for…

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Former Buffalo flour mill workers Bruce Carter (left) and his brother Joel Carter, photo by Kate Kaye, January 2020.

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