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Headshot labeled "Earl Hines and His Orchestra." Corner labeled "Maurice Chicago"

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Souvenir Program for the 4th Anniversary of Montgomery Hotel and Grill, which, like the Little Harlem Club, was part of the Mongtomery chain of hotels and restaurants. Program features: portraits of manager Leroy Smith and his wife, additional hotel…

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Souvenir Program for the 14th Anniversary of the Little Harlem Club. Features a map of the club's location, labeled "the Gayest Spot in Buffalo." Also features: portraits of Ann Montgomery and Harold Tyler, club staff members, and performing artists,…

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"The Otowega Club, built in 1895 by the architects Green and Wicks, was located ... at the corner of Starin and Linden Avenues, in the Central Park District. The club was a family institution and an integral part of the neighborhood's social life.…

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The Nelson Fischer Scrapbook was compiled by Thelma Fischer from 1940-1944 and donated to the Grosvenor Room of the Buffalo & Erie County Public Library. Nelson Fischer served in United States Army during World War II, and his wife, Thelma composed…

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This journal, "kept by Lieutenant Williams of His Majesty's Twenty-third Regiment, 1774-1775," includes details of the battles and lists of casualties for the Revolutionary War. This journal also includes a description of the use of signal lights…

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Details of duties, weather, and travels between Buffalo, Washington, D.C., and Aquia Creek, Va. Bulk of diary was written while at Aquia Creek. Entry for 5 Apr. 1863 recalls Abraham Lincoln, Mrs. Lincoln, and their son arriving by boat at Aquia Creek…

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Promotion material for residential real estate development in the area formerly occupied by the Pan American Exposition, 1901. Also includes a prospectus for sale of stocks and bonds. A list of use and construction restrictions on the properties,…

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Published in 1499 by the distinguished early printer Aldus Manutius, the Hypnerotomachia Poliphili presents the “story/strife of love in a dream.” As an incunable text, meaning that it was printed during the first 50 years of moveable type, it is…

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LHC Report.pdf
Report researched and presented by 2013 Riverrun Foundation intern Alison Fraser.

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