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  • Collection: Buffalo Public School Buildings, 1908

Originally located at Franklin and Court Streets in Niagara Square, Central High School was Buffalo's first high school. The building pictured was the result of additions between 1854 and 1889. Central High moved to the Hutchinson building on Elmwood…

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Masten Park High School was Buffalo's second high school.  Located at Masten Avenue and North Street, this is the original building built in 1897. The architectural firm M.E. Beebe and Son won the competition to design the school. It was destroyed by…

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Buffalo's third high school, located at 370 Lafayette Ave, was built in 1903. The stone, brick and terra-cotta structure in the French Renaissance Revival style was designed by architects August Esenwein and James A. Johnson. The building…

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The Normal School, established in 1871, was a training school for teachers, and children attended the School of Practice within.  This Teachers College later evolved into Buffalo State College. Originally located on Jersey Street in 1871, this…

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This building at 360 Seventh Street was the third to house School No. 1. Built in 1897, it was later called the "Old Building" when another school was built on Front Ave (later Busti Ave). The old building closed in the 1960s and has since been…

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Built in 1851 at Perry & Illinois Streets, this structure replaced the first School 3 on the same site. The neighborhood later grew to be more commercial, and this building closed in 1921.  School 3 was moved to a new builidng on Porter Avenue…

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Built in 1849 at 425 South Park Avenue (formerly Elk Street and Abbott Road), this school was enlarged several times. In 1887, the design firm of Louise Bethune, Bethune & Bethune, designed an addition to the school. In 1925, this building was…

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Built in 1890, this steam-heated building was located at 789 Seneca Street at the corner of Hydraulic Street. In 1905, it was renamed Seneca Vocational School. The school was in use under various names until 1955 and later torn down.

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Located at 248 South Division Street, this 1868 building was used as a primary grade school until 1954. The school has since been demolished.

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The first image shows the school located at 649 Bailey Avenue near Clinton Street. Built in 1891, it operated as School 7 until 1922 and was an annex to various other schools until 1950.

The "Old Building" in the second photo was built in 1845…

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